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Founded in 2013, Studio Skato has matured into a collaborative branding and design studio in Jakarta, boasting over ten years of experience in shaping compelling narratives. Our ethos revolves around the transformation of simple ideas into unique, resonant brand identities and strategies that span both digital and physical spectrums. We envision brands as entities with their own stories, voices, and personalities, keen to express themselves and connect. 

We're passionate about partnering with businesses and companies, guiding them to establish a strong foundation and forge meaningful connections with their customers. Our approach combines creative insight and strategic direction to deliver not just functional, but meticulously crafted and personalized design solutions for your brand.


At Studio Skato, transformation is at the core of what we do — turning foundational ideas into enduring and impactful brand stories. Since our inception in 2013, our journey has been fueled by a blend of passion, precision, and partnership. We believe in the power of collaboration, working hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that every design not only communicates but also connects deeply with its intended audience.

We view each project as a collaborative journey. From the initial spark of an idea to the final touches that bring a brand to life,
we are dedicated to a process that embraces every client's vision as our own. Whether crafting the initial identity for a startup or navigating the complex rebranding of a multinational corporation, our approach is the same: listen, understand, innovate, and execute.

We pride ourselves on our ability to nurture an idea from its inception to its realization in the world. Our multidisciplinary team combines strategic thinking with creative flair, ensuring that every brand we work with stands out in today's saturated market. By integrating services like brand strategy, visual identity, and digital presence, we create cohesive and compelling narratives that endure.


Brand Foundation & Strategy

Visual Identity System
Crafting a robust foundation for your brand's visual narrative, ensuring every element makes a lasting impression.
Brand Strategy
Developing strategic blueprints to effectively position your brand in the competitive marketplace.
Brand Naming
Creating memorable and impactful names that capture the essence of your brand.

Creative & Design Execution

Design & Art Direction
Molding your brand's visual storytelling to align seamlessly with its ethos and messaging across all mediums.
Packaging & Print Design
From standout packaging to compelling print materials, we ensure your brand's tactile presence is as dynamic as its digital one.
Signage & Wayfinding Design
Combining functionality with creativity to guide your customers with clarity and ease.

Content Creation & Digital Presence

Website & Digital Design
Crafting intuitive and aesthetically pleasing digital experiences that center on your brand’s identity.
Social Media Management
Fostering online communities and engaging strategically to amplify your brand's digital footprint.
Narrative & Visual Storytelling
Merging the art of engaging narratives with dynamic visual content, we craft compelling stories that encapsulate your brand's voice and spirit. Through a harmonious blend of copywriting, content creation, and photo & video production, we bring your brand's identity to life across all mediums, ensuring a cohesive and captivating digital presence.


Music is a huge part of our daily rituals. To the right is a selection of songs that are currently on rotation in our studio. 

Studio Skato

We are a collaborative branding and design agency in Jakarta, dedicated to transforming simple ideas into distinct, resonant brand identities and strategies across physical and digital mediums.

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